My Career Path

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certainly not the career path that was chosen for you to follow. The second principle refers to the innate abilities and skills that guide us toward specific interests (Brennfleck & Brennfleck, 2003). In order to gain an idea of the female undergrad student I would need to ask her some questions about her interests and strengths she can best identify with to determine a suitable professional degree and field to work toward. For instance, I have had strong interests in learning about myself, how others think and solve problems. Strengths that I was able to identify with include effectively communicating with others, being flexible, a desire to help others and having a positive attitude. These factors helped guide me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology. During my academic feat learning about the various developmental theories engaged my interest, reinforcing my decision to pursue that particular educational path. Following the completion of the degree, I used my understanding, experience, and knowledge to change careers. This enabled me to leave a job that was arduous, depressing, and eventually became harmful to my health. Through these findings I chose to abandon the comfort of stability and pursued a different job that has proved to be rewarding and a suitable fit to my interests, abilities, and skills. Furthermore, it has brought me closer to glorify God. As a result, in order to best support the female student with choosing a major we will need to evaluate and
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