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Shanikwa Finley Career Exploration Paper I. I am targeting an internship in the northeastern Ohio region preferably in the Youngstown-Warren region. II. The internships I’ve chose, why and their primary responsibilities. 1. AVI Foodsystems Inc. A. I’ve selected this internship because I’m somewhat familiar with this company and its location. After reading into the company I found it very interesting that AVI gives back to their community which exceeds the expectations I was looking for in a company. B. Primary responsibilities include assisting and providing support to disciplines established within the HR department as well as executing their goals. 2. OH WOW! The Roger and Gloria Jones Children’s Center for Science…show more content…
( 4. Mahoning County Land Reutilization Corporation/Land Bank is an organization whose mission is to return vacant, abandoned, tax-delinquent parcels and structures into something/someplace useful. The organization assists property owners in clearing the title of their property using the property tax foreclosure program. ( 5. The Callos Companies is an organization that is linked with various companies to provide a broad range of human resources to businesses. ( IV. 5 internship search techniques that I plan to use in the future 1. Networking A. Networking is letting people know you are looking (friends, family, etc.). I plan to use this technique by telling everyone I know, that I am currently looking for an HR internship and that if they may know anyone in that field to please put in a word for me. By doing so I expect to create a broader range of open opportunities because my name can be heard by different people and relayed to different companies who may also relay the message to companies or friends they know. 2. Career Fairs A. Meeting with employers at
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