My Central Journey Research Paper

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The central journey in every individual's life is that of self discovery. We look deep into our own hearts and minds to articulate our identity, who we are, what we believe, and what we love to do. Emily Dickinson once stated, “The Soul selects her own society.” A human soul is the most pure form of one’s true self. Who an individual wants or pretends to be is not included. Once people listen to this inner self and accept their own beliefs, ideas, and interests, they will discover where they belong in the world. For me, the past few years have bred clarity in discovering a new place of belonging. Despite my childhood focus on volleyball, I did not experience a true sense of community until I discovered my passion for theater during high…show more content…
My love for theater developed at the Muny Opera. My grandparents were Muny season ticket holders throughout my childhood, so I had the privilege of attending musicals each season with them. In addition, I was involved in choir and theater camps. I was even in Nerinx’s production of Les Mis as a 5th grader. As middle school approached however, musical theater started to seem uncool, and therefore I quit. It wasn’t until this year that I decided it was time to try musicals again, but I had strong reservations. It had been a long time since I had sang in front of other people, and I did not have close relationships with the thespian crowd at Nerinx. Despite this, I mustered up the courage to try out for the Fall Musical and made the cast! I could not be more grateful for this experience that pushed me out of my comfort zone. The musical allowed me an opportunity to make new friends. I discovered an inclusive, friendly, outgoing, creative, and completely unique group of people I now call some of my closest friends. Furthermore, despite my initial insecurities of my musical talent, by the end of the show I became completely confident in my singing, dancing, and acting abilities. Surprisingly, musical theater ended up being more similar to volleyball than I had expected, with the long hours, extreme expectations, and teenage banter and gossip. Yet, there was one main difference. When doing what I loved,
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