My Christian Experience

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Name: Shaka Eroje
Address: 629 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225
Phone #: 6467027518
DOB: 05/27/1966
Program: Mater of Divinity

I was born into a Muslim family and raised up a nominal Muslim. I grew up believing Christianity is just an alternative religion to Islam. Sometime in 1999, in Lagos, Nigeria, I was invited to a church – Redeem Christian Church Of God - by a female friend. While in the church I heard the gospel preached to me and was deeply moved by the words I heard. I responded to the alter call made by the preacher and was told am now born again.
After my initial encounter I did not attend any church service at the church where I got born again despite numerous follow up attempts by the church members. I continued to …show more content…

Now am thirsty to know more. I desire more personal knowledge and understanding.
As I do my personal study of the bible I begin to see parts of the bible that deserve deeper study and insight and I strongly believe a study of the bible in its original text (Hebrew /Greek), will definitely provide a better understanding. I am encouraged in my spirit to pursue this endeavor because the bible admonishes that God’s people perish because of lack and knowledge. Explaining how

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