My Classroom As A Classroom Essay

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I will organize my classroom as displayed in the diagram above. I will have an instructional loop so that I will be able to access all of my students easily. In my classroom, I will have a collaborative table so that I will be able to work with a group of students at a time while others are working at their chairs. There will be room in front of the smart board so that students will be able to stand up and move around to use that instructional tool while I am educating them. As a class, the circle time area will be used daily. Where the student cubbies are, I will also have center items in the top cubbies that the students can take to their desk to work on when the time is available to do so. In my classroom I will check roll once the bell has rung and all students are in their chairs completing their bell work. To check roll, I will walk around the classroom checking off the students as I assess how they are working. By checking roll and not calling names, I am not wasting time and the students are staying on task.
To collect materials, I will have a shelf for where the students will turn in their assignments each day, and each shelf will be labeled according to the assignment. After the students turn in their assignment, they will be able to retrieve a book and go back to their desks to read quietly so they will not be disturbing their peers. To distribute materials, I will have bell work already on the students’ desk, and when it is time for another paper assignment, I

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