Preschool Curriculum Essay

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Pre-school Curriculum It has been well established that early childhood is a crucial time for children’s cognitive development (Bowman, Donovan & Burns, 2001). Preschool curriculum is the entire span of lessons and teachings that a child will be taught during the course of a preschool year (Rock, 2015). Preschool curriculum covers a wide variety of academic, social, physical, and emotional lessons and usually vary from school to school and teaching method to teaching method. Depending upon the school and the preschool philosophy employed by the preschool, the preschool curriculum can be developed by administrators, teachers, and parents. In the Philippines, preschool education consists of nurseries and kindergartens that cater to children…show more content…
Burden (2003) describes an effective classroom manager to follow the seven (7) areas of responsibility in a classroom management: Teachers select a philosophical model of classroom management and discipline. There are different theoretical models that are useful to teachers because they offer a basis for analysing, understanding, and managing student and teacher behaviour. Teachers organize the physical environment. The way the desks, tables, and other classroom materials are arranged affects instruction and has an influence on order in the classroom. The decision of a teacher in organizing and arranging the classroom materials, supplies, designated place for activities and bulletin board will determine the effectiveness of the learning environment. A teacher should teach, demonstrate, establish, and enforce classroom procedures and routines at the start of the year to manage the classroom behaviors. Rules and procedures support teaching and learning and provide students with clear expectations and well-defined norms. Teachers can create a respectful, supportive learning environment when they have an understanding of the diverse learning in the
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