My Classroom Layout For Twenty Four Fourth Graders

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I chose to design my classroom layout for twenty-four fourth graders. When designing my class, I reminded myself that I may have students in my class with special needs. For this reason, my classroom is designed so that anyone can get to one point to another without any problems. The rows between all the clusters of desks are wide, and there is a pathway around the whole room that can be used to go to different parts of my room. There is also a table at the back of the room that students with handicap disabilities may use if a desk is not suitable for them. This table may also be useful for students with an aide. Although it is located in the back of the room, it is still near the clusters of desks so these students will not feel left out from the rest of the class.
I chose to arrange my students’ desks in clusters of four, so that my students will be able to interact on specific assignments and group activities daily. I will not have four random students in each group, but rather place a high, low, low medium, and high medium learning ability student in each cluster. This will allow me to sometimes pair two lows or two highs or a high and a low together. This will be an advantage for all students because the highs will be able to assist the lows by demonstrating what needs to be done, while they are helping themselves from understanding concepts in a more intellectual way because they will be explaining them to others. These clusters are placed in the center of the room so

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