My College Journey

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During my twelve years of school, I have grown accustomed to knowing the people and businesses in my city, and they knew me. I didn’t realize it, but the comfortable environment of knowing my neighbors was limiting my emotional and social maturity. I did not have a reason to “step outside the box,” because I was in a place of comfort. As I embark on to this new college journey, I will face many challenges that will offer a fresh start, on beginning a new chapter of my life. There will be stumbling blocks towards transitioning to college life. These blocks involve meeting new people, being self-sufficient, and adapting to my new environment. Although these challenges are difficult, I know there will be many lessons learned. These lessons will only build me as an individual mentally and socially. What I have learned during brief time at Xavier is that I am now willing to allow myself to fly in the winds of life. I say that because, all successful people have had to overcome their uncertainties. For instance, according to the article “10 Celebs Who Faced Their Fears” on HuffPost, actress Sofia Vergara had to overcome her anxiety of Hispanic viewers forming a new perception of her in order to fully play her role as Gloria on the show “Modern Family”(Kuster) Another celebrity who had to defeat their fear is Bob Newhart (Kuster). To become the successful comedian that he is, Newhart had to vanquish his stage fright(Kuster). Like these successful individuals, I have some

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