My Cultural Identity

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I am the person I am today because my parents raised me through the foundation of their experiences. On April 21, 1995 my mother had given birth to me in Fountain Valley hospital and I am the fifth child among six children. Both, my mother and father are of Vietnamese decent and originated from Saigon, Vietnam. My parents were the first from both of their families to flee Vietnam after the Vietnam War as refugees making their way to the states in a paddleboat. November 17, 1979 was the dawn of a new life for my parents, who were both only 20 years old at the time. It was the first time they had stepped foot on American soil and their first breath of freedom.
It is Sunday morning and my parents have finally returned home after road tripping the east coast for 14 days, I take my mother, Kim-Lan Trinh, into our family guest room and chat her up about my cultural heritage and its influences towards my identity. This experience had been very sentimental due to the fact that it gave me an opportunity to realize the similarities and differences I shared with my mother as we were both growing up. My mother highlights that her life revolved around patriarchy, religious values, and education.
When my mother was living in Saigon, Vietnam, growing up she lived in a home with her parents, her five siblings, and my great grandfather. She was taught to do and serve the eldest male in the family because the man of the house is known to be the breadwinner. This system of living is known as

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