Soccer And Cultural Identity

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Most people call me Colby, but on the field i'm know as number 40. Soccer has been a part of my life since I was 3, my 12 years of experience have influenced how I act, what I eat and most aspects of my life-like who I hang out with and what I dislike. In the United states especially, sports are a huge part of everyone's cultural identity. With all this in mind I would call my cultural identity a soccer game. It can change in a blink of the eye but is consistent through life.My family is like the other players, education is like the field and my hobbies are like the ball.

Just like a game of soccer you have to depend on your teammates, I depend on my family just like my teammates. Everyone has their own family traditions or gatherings but our family is a little different. Although we celebrate every christian holiday the same as you, the way we do it is unlike anything you've seen. As teammates your goal is to go to every practice and game, my family is exactly the same. Practices are like small acts of kindness like my aunt going to my soccer game. No she didn't have to, but they always do it as an act of kindness. Practices can go from helping someone move to go to a game. But the big stuff like the games are the holidays we celebrate. For christmas all 22 of us gather at our aunt Miley's house. Everyone gets everyone a gift so no one is left out. But first we eat a big breakfast together like a team dinner on my soccer team. The breakfasts can have over 4 plates of

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