My Current Role As A Pe / Health Teacher

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The reading that I felt was the most important for me in both my current role as a PE/Health teacher and in my future role as a possible administrator is “Moving up from Mediocre.” I am going to explain first, why I feel this reading is important and necessary in my current role as a teacher and second, why I believe this is essential for me if I am going to be a successful administrator. ‘PLC’s offer a guiding framework within which district staff learn together and collaborate to improve the achievement of all students” (Curriculum Leadership, pg. 290, 2014.) I really enjoyed reading about School District 54 in Schaumburg, Illinois and the great success that the PLC changes has made for them and their efforts to improve student achievement. One of the great takeaways from the reading for me was the emphasis that they made on leadership from the administration level and how that has really paved the way for the turnaround. My current district uses the PLC process, which was implemented two years ago. We have an early release on most Mondays for our students, while teaching staff then meets time from 2:30-4:15. Typically, each school has a scheduled agenda provided by the building principal and on some occasions there will be district led K-12 meetings or activities. Overall, the PLC implementation has been a positive change and has helped us improve in a number of areas. I certainly would endorse PLC’s and believe in the process of collaboration. From my

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