My Dad Had A Job As An Engineer

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She first moved the Phoenix, Arizona where my dad had a job as an engineer. Within a few months of moving to America, my mom became pregnant and my dad lost his job. They moved to Lake Forest, California, where my dad owned a condominium and hoped to look for a new job. While my dad was still looking for a full time job, my mom gave birth to a baby girl, my sister, named Millie in April 1987. My mom raised Millie for the first few months of her life, but due to my dad’s unsteady job and that my mom needed to study for exams so that she could get into a residency program in America, my mom decided it would best to send Millie to India to be raised by her mother until my mom and dad’s life stabilized. While Millie was India, my mom continued to study for her residency entrance exam and eventually passed the exam. Around the same time, my dad received a job offer in Maryland. Before my parents moved to Maryland, my mom decided it was time to bring Millie back to America after spending the past two years in India. After bringing Millie back, my mom received an offer and accepted to do her residency at a hospital in Brooklyn, New York. During her residency, she worked long and unusual hours, but would go back to Maryland whenever she could to spend time with my dad and sister. By 1993, she completed her residency and moved back to Maryland, where she had a full time offer to work as a physician in a medical office. By the time she accepted her offer though, she was pregnant with

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