My Day At High School

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The idea came upon me late on a Sunday night in early February. An idea that me and my buddies from high school need one last get together before the end of the semester. Yes, the end of the semester is not for another 2 months, but many of my friends go to a variety of different colleges which means many different weeks of spring break. I realized that this would be our last chance together so let’s go home this weekend and get together. We ran with the idea. We all found ways back home and our plan was to get together that Friday night. I looked forward to that Friday night all week, but when that Friday night came it was all ruined by a guy that would do anything to never be unfair to someone on purpose. On February 7th around 8 o’clock or so me and my roommates were eating dinner discussing spring break. We talked about when our spring break was and how it was going to be way different since many of our buddies go to different colleges and have separate spring break dates. As we talked dates I realized that our spring break was a week before all my other buddies spring breaks were. This is the reason upon deciding to have a get together later that week. I immediately sent out a text to one of my good buddies Jackson. Jackson has a garage that is fully renovated therefore it is our primary hang out spot. We talked about if it was a good idea and if we could stay in the garage that Friday night. All went well that entire week. Me and my five other buddies all found
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