My Life At High School

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When I graduated high school I started working because I had decided not to go to college or the military. After I graduated, I went with my father to Texas in order to find a job because I was having a difficult time finding a job in California. In San Antonio, Texas, I found a job where the company hired me the very next day and I was ecstatic. The next day I started working and I found out that I would be working ten to twelve hour shifts on Monday through Friday. I found out that I was working for a staffing agency which most companies use to hire new employees, so that the employee is not directly employed by the company. In mid-December, I got fired for listening to music and I was devastated. Because I was unemployed, I started working with my father in Eagle Pass, Texas. My father owns a construction company under the name Mejia Great Plastering and has plastered several buildings. My father’s name is Mauricio Mejia and he was born and raised in Mexico. He struggled to get to where he is today. Two months later I decided to leave for California to live with my mother again. Afterward, I told my father and gathered sufficient money for a bus ticket. Two weeks after arriving in California I found a job, but I was still employed by an agency. The agency Select Staffing made me fill out about two hours’ worth of paperwork. At first I thought what a stupid waste of time, but soon found out that filling out all that paperwork paid off. Select Staffing sent me to Western
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