My Day At The Night

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Surrounded by those familiar walls of my house I just sat there in silence thinking to myself what could I do to change the course my life was on at that moment. Up until that Friday night every night was the same. Come home from school, listen to some music, start my homework, eat dinner and then do nothing but watch television till midnight. Not only would this be every Friday night, it would be the theme for the entire weekend. Let’s rewind back to when I was in the eight grade in 2010. I never considered myself the most popular person in the world but I thought that I had some friends that really cared about my well being. But then one afternoon happened. It was raining and we could not go outside for recess. I remember sitting at the lunch table with my so called “friends” and all of a sudden they started to move to another table one by one. No-one asked for me to tagged along. Now maybe I should of just went with the flow but something told me not too so I didn’t. There was one place and one place only where I had real true friends and that was in my grammar school’s theater club. This group of people are some of the greatest people I have ever met. The jokes we made still carry over till this day. My favorite one was when my friend Sophie banged her head on the stage, so whenever we did that scene I would tell her “don’t bang your head!” It was the little jokes like these which no-one but us understood that made being a member of this group amazing. Sadly, though

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