My Day - Personal Narrative Essay

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My Day - Personal Narrative Its 06:45 and my mobile phone alarm make's the worst noise that you could ever imagine. Using it as an alarm clock is the only thing that it is useful for, the rest of the time it takes all my money off me. All phones do it, and guess who gets in trouble for the bill. Anyway, after I finally find the button to shut the dam thing up, I usually moan till 07:00, about how it is 'too early', and that I should not still have to be going to school. I'm getting bored of wearing the same uniform, and listening to the same squabbles going on from the day before. At 07:00, I stumble across the landing, walking passed my mums and dads bedroom, hearing the loud snoring coming…show more content…
So I suppose I shouldn't be complaining about having to eat toast every morning! 07:45, and the sister and father are already fighting for the bathroom. In about 30 seconds from now there should be a mixture of male menopause and teenage hormones throughout the house. My sister is 17 named Stephanie, after Stephen- that's my dad's name. My sister is one of those older teenagers who have none of her priorities in order. She can be clever, but she gets 'easily distracted'. I'll say no more about that. My sister and I get on very well. We talk to each other about stuff, and value each other's opinion on clothes. My dad is into science, well, he likes Science fiction movies, but I suppose it's the same thing. He likes to think of himself as a wise philosopher, but he's really a big kid and likes watching the Simpson's on TV. My dad and I get on great. We have the same interests, and work good together as a team. 08:00. I'm packing my bag, and rushing about trying to find the books I need for that day. I should really pack my bag the night before, but I'm always so tired that there doesn't seem to be enough time. The amount of homework that keeps me up some nights is extremely exhausting. 08:15. The battle between my father and sister is over. If my dad is working, (which he usually is most mornings), then he will give my sister and I a lift to school, but we always end
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