My Dream Experience

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The day was August 20th, 2003. My mother enrolled me for pre-school at Good Shepherd. As a three year old I remembered only a handle of things. The first day of school came upon me and I immediately rejected it. My mother had to strangle me out of the car while I was gripping a seatbelt holding onto what seemed like my life. When she managed to settle me down and hurry me into the class she became a paparazzi. Soon she left, and I scoped the room for my friends and foes. My eyes landed upon the teacher at the age of 30 smiling so hard at every student but when she glanced over to me the smiling concluded. Right then and there, I recognized this meant war. In a span of a month, I managed to fling a chair at my pregnant teacher, escape from the school multiple times and shove the classrooms television on the ground. I ended up getting expelled from the preschool, which in the end was the greatest thing that could have happened to me. The following year, I attended kindergarten at Saint Matthew Cathedral. In kindergarten I learned how to tie my shoes, read Go Dog Go, and the number system. I loved when the teachers read stories, books, or showed movies. As a child, imagination was a constant escape from school. Imagination made everything seem conceivable, with all the types of dreams one was able to conquer. Of course, I mostly cherished action and adventurous types of novels. What kid doesn’t love a bloody war scene? The next two years of my life I became very competitive.

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