My Dream Is Always the Same Essay

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The dream is always the same. I have a view of a cracked ceiling, and there is a burning, tugging sensation on my wrists and ankles. I shift my head to the left and my head pounds so hard I almost lose consciousness. There is a dirty mirror on the wall and I strain my eyes to make out my reflection. I see a dirty child tied to a bed that has seen better days. Panicking, I tear my eyes away from the horrifying image and try to make sense of the situation, but it is so hard to concentrate with the thumping in my skull. Suddenly, with a flash of gold, something is pulled over my eyes and everything goes dark. My body thrashes in the bed but two strong hands are holding me down… My eyes open and I take in the familiar surroundings of my …show more content…

I had it all figured out. The day flew by and before I knew it, I was on my way to the library. My history teacher had assigned us a town history project, and I was determined to get some of the research done before football practice that night. The library was not one of my most cherished places to be. But i knew i had to get stuff done, so at the library, I headed straight for the history section, the familiar maroon carpet muffling my footsteps as I walk down the aisle. I reached the section where the library archives all of the old town newspapers from past years. Shuffling through the worn, yellowing pages, I grabbed a couple of random newspapers and brought them to a table so I could start my research. The articles were mostly the same: tree planting, speeches given by the mayor, and charity work, but nothing that would make for an interesting project. Frustrated, I flipped through more pages until one headline caught my eye: “MISSING CHILD”. Curious, I read the article and discovered that a little boy, Daniel Harding (6) had been kidnapped from his home in a near by city. I skimmed through the rest of the article until my eyes rested on the photo at the bottom of the page. My heart nearly skipped a beat as I recognized the face. It was me. My blood went cold as I stared in shock. How does that boy look so much like me? He has the same thick brown hair and

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