My Dreams In My Life

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All your life you’ve dreamed big but would your dream turn into reality? Imagine someone other than yourself putting it in your head what your set out to be in life. High-school football was everything to me. I've took many sacrifices such as quitting my job; picking up unnecessary classes, and focusing on football it's self instead of other important responsibilities.
These three things set me back, regrettably I became an athlete instead of a student athlete. With no desire to do anything else in life I always wondered when this is over what's next?
Dating back to my early childhood; football at the time was my only love. I breathed, slept and ate football. It started off as just a friendly hobby around my neighborhood up until my tenth-birthday when I joined a little league football team. Over the years I continued to play, it got even more exciting for me when my friends from the neighborhood start joining the team as well. Things suddenly changed for me moving forward into my high school career. Although this was once a fun stress reliever it was becoming the only thing that stressed me out.
Entering high-school was a bitter sweet feeling for me. I found myself coming upon new adventures, meeting new people and seeing new aspects in life. Quickly, I started to re-evaluate my life. I thought to myself that maybe I shouldn’t just limit myself to football but at the time that’s all that I knew. Even with me growing I began to doubt my decisions but I didn’t change, I

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