Personal Narrative Essay on Football

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Football is a game of passion, a time when nothing else matters and the only thing that matters is going out there having fun and fighting for the guy next to you. Football has always been something that I loved and had a wild passion for. I’ve made friendships and memories to last a life time and I can always be grateful that football did that for me. Now of course I’ve had some bad memories during football as well, I remember walking out of the film room on the last day of spring ball and having Coach Antle grab me and say “Gage, I think I want to try you at a new position, I want to put you at defensive end. We need you more there and we think you can really excel there.” I remember being so furious, I had played linebacker ever since I could remember and now the last day of spring ball my senior year everything was about to change. Hearing him say that to me made me want to drop my things and walk out of the room, I wanted to turn away from football and never look back. Instead I went with it, that whole practice I was mad and everyone could tell. Many times, that day players would come up and ask “hey man is everything okay?” The only thing I could even say back was “I’m fine,” but they all knew I was anything but fine. I was always happy at practice because I had fun playing football and being with the guys, but that day the field was the last place I wanted to be. My friend Ryan knows me better than most and he could tell I was acting weird and I wasn’t with the

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