My Early Stages Of My Life

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In my early stages of my life, I’ve always look down on books. I saw books as useless and boring. Some particular books I remembered as a child are anime books. They are still in my memory because I feel anime books are more visual and less words so you get to have your own perspective and opinion of what’s going on. In terms of reading for fun, I don’t ever remember doing that. I think that many teachers in my life forced me to read so now I’m rebellious of reading for fun. I just have this awkward feeling when doing so because I always see books as educational and not part of my “fun time”. Even though I have a lack of interest in books, I do know the importance of them and how it can better my english skills. My favorite books are “The devil in the blue dress” and “The Road”. I feel I like these books because I’m a big fan of thrillers and these books really gives me goosebumps and chills when I read them. The last book I read that wasn’t required was “As I lay Dying”. I was recommended by my friend to read this book since he knows I’m into the suspenseful books. This book was very interesting since it’s hard for any book to interest me. This was one of the books that I took high interest in and actually genuinely like reading it. I had this weird feeling that I can’t continue reading the book after a powerful scene even though I want to continue. It caused confusion and anxiety for me, but not in a bad way. It made me more absorbed into the book. My favorite genre of…
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