My Experience Of Learning English As A Second Language

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Communicating in an unfamiliar language can be a staggering experience because it requires patience and perseverance. Although I was born in the United States, English was not the first language I learned. My parents were concerned that I would be too Americanized and forget my roots. As a child, I had to learn English in an obscure atmosphere and always found myself behind the other kids at my school.There were moments where I would get down on myself for not being able to comprehend the readings or the directions that were assigned to us for classwork. Ultimately, I realized that I needed to stay persistent if I desired to further my education and be able to read and write at a higher level. Learning English was certainly strenuous because I always felt like I was fighting an uphill battle, but this has led me to feel more confident in myself when facing adversity. Summer was ending and day by day I was inching closer to my first day of school. Finally, the first day of school began and I couldn’t wait to make new friends. There I was attending school and beginning a new chapter in my life. When I sat down on my desk it seemed like everyone knew English except me making it very challenging for me to socialize. The first couple weeks I was all by myself in my own universe because I did not no what to say or do. The English language had become a huge obstacle in my life that I just simply could not get past. The teacher, Miss Annette, gave us assignments, and like always

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