My English Language

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Have you ever had to learn a completely new language that you had no idea even existed? My parents would only talk in Bosnian at home, so I learned that language from them. I had no idea that the English language was even a real thing, all I knew was Bosnian. When I first started kindergarten, I had no idea what people my age were saying to each other. I couldn’t make any friends back in kindergarten because I didn’t understand anybody. My parents honestly thought I was going to fail kindergarten, because I took so much longer than the rest of the kids in my class to figure out simple words and what they meant. For example, I didn’t know what an apple was. In Bosnian, an apple is called Jabuka (ya-boo-ka). There are some words in certain languages that sound similar, so it would be easier to recognize and learn. But there is no similarity in Bosnian words and English words. I learned the English language, as well as slang, from my teachers and friends, even though it was a long and slow process. The best thing that helped me figure out the meaning of words were pictures from my teachers. One of the teachers I remembered that helped me tremendously with learning English was my English teacher, Dr. Scrub. She was an older lady, with short gray hair, she was petite and, she smelled like grandma’s perfume, she didn’t smell bad she just smelled like very strong musk. She always had a big bright smile on her face whenever class would start. The other teacher that helped me out a

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