My Ethical Dilemmas In The Medical Field

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Perhaps the toughest feedback I have ever received came from a well-respected physician who was unsatisfied with his electronic medical records that I prepared for him as a medical scribe. In the middle of a demanding shift, I was confronted about my documentation in which I did not document in a way that was focused on ensuring ‘Level 5’ charting. In other words, the physician gave me feedback on my charting methods and asked me to change the way in which I documented his interactions so that the hospital would receive the most compensation. This request proposed an ethical dilemma for myself as I had observed every interaction between the physician and his patients and knew that my documentation was a genuine attempt to accurately record…show more content…
For myself, I know that I would have went against personal moral reasoning and in turn would have done a disservice to a countless number of patients. In that moment, I could imagine several patients who I have cared for in the past and am familiar with their struggle to pay for a basic visit to the emergency department without the added costs of excessive and dishonest documentation. From this, I could not bring myself to conform to such an unethical request. This experience emphasized that as humans we seek to please and meet the demands of what is requested of us and with simple distraction one can lose sight of our ultimate goal and values. I recognized that in some situations it is acceptable to respectfully challenge an individual’s feedback even in the case that they are more educated and experienced. Furthermore, I was once again reminded that above all else in health care one’s mission is to improve human life, and this mission is becoming increasingly more difficult without resistance to the mechanization and institutional pressures that accompany modern
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