Psy/101 Week 4 Assignment

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This semester, I was a teacher assistant for Dr. Finley’s psychology 101 course. The experience to TA has been a really valuable, and rewarding experience. I’ve definitely gotten the chance to develop skills in the professional context. The variety of tasks and the workload pace was very enjoyable for me. The opportunity of being a TA at times proved to be challenging but I find ways to successfully manage some of these adversities. Overall, there’s a plethora of things that I can take away, and I plan to utilize some of these tactics into my future goals and career aspirations. A huge takeaway from the experience of being a TA definitely were the skills I used and developed over the semester. I had to learn or at least be proficient enough in the course material to be able to explain and assist other students with the content. Ensuring I know the content helps in the context of grading papers, and to the professor as far as knowing how and the material is taught in class. Going over the material in class alongside the other students was helpful, and taking the time to brush up on certain concepts in the book proved to be valuable as well. It was important for me to be able to be sure on my end that I was able to assist students in a way that promotes their success in class. With that being said, some things I realized are better left to the professor. If I am not able to answer something, I at the very least need to be able to redirect to some aspect of the book, guide

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