Describe the Differing Roles of Teaching Assistants. Compare the Similarities and Differences in Different Teaching Assistant’s Jobs, and Consider the Personal Qualities and Skills Needed by These Professionals.

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‘Well trained Teaching Assistants are a key resource and are used very effectively in many (primary) schools.’

OFSTEDs Review of Primary Education 1994 – 1998 (1999)

Teaching Assistants (TAs) have an essential role to play in the smooth and effective running of a school. They are an extra pair of eyes, ears and hands for the teacher and give support to the structure of the school.


(Teaching Assistant’s Pocketbook. Dot Constable. 2005)

Teaching Assistants work in Primary, Secondary and Special Needs Schools. Individual duties and responsibilities can vary greatly but will be outlined in their job description. A TAs role is to support – this can be in a classroom situation, with groups or individual pupils …show more content…

A Teaching Assistant, as the name suggests, is there to help pupils achieve results whilst attending school. This is where the most differences in roles can be seen. In primary schools, a Teaching Assistant assigned to a class is responsible for assisting all pupils in that class. There are many tasks this involves including: • Checking work and encouraging pupils to correct mistakes. • Listening to

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