My Experience At A Young Age

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At a young age I became aware of my passion for people. I spent long summers volunteering at nursing homes, and working with friends to do constructive projects around the community. During my teenage years I was well-known for my loving spirit and compassion for people. I was a problem solver and as well the go to person for family and friends. This passion continued throughout my teenage years, as I volunteered at the Department of Veterans Affairs, assisting disable vets. By the time of adulthood, my love for people and quest to help had become my profession. While attending Santa FE College, I obtained my Certified Nursing Assistance Licenses, which allowed me to assist people on a more skilled level. However, I am now seeking the…show more content…
I as well learned that forming trusting relationships with people was imperative for future success. I recall working in the hospital and being known for my humble spirt an active listening skills. I discovered that active listening help one to receive the message, understand and evaluate the information being communicated. In fact, when I interned at the Meridian Bridge House Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment Facility, I learned through active listening and evaluation that trauma correlates strongly with ones inability to stabilize. People suffering from alcohol and substance abuse addiction had most likely experienced some form of trauma, which resulted in their alcohol and drug dependency. There stories alone increased my desire to want to help and bring about change in the lives of so many. No matter our differences I believed in setting aside my personal beliefs and biases to help improve the lives of others. I recall an incident where I encountered a client who religion differed from mines. Although, I wanted to touch more on the topic I knew that my morals and values were not to be imposed. My primary focus was to help my client realize their potential and help them reach their goals, I have acquired many skills that are transferable to the field of social work. In fact, from my experience at the treatment facility I developed a strong understanding of the need for empowering people to make positive choices, regardless of
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