My Experience At High School

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Like every Saturday morning in the spring, I found myself cramped up in the backseat of a car at an ungodly hour. With swim season ending today with the All-Star meet however, this would be the last time this year that I would have to worry about this specific discomfort, then I could focus on other 5-year-old things like my upcoming birthday. Until then, I’d have to ‘deal with it,’ something nobody my age ever wants to hear. Luckily for me, I fell asleep within a few minutes and didn’t have to endure the rest of the trip to Beaumont High School. “Wake up,” I heard from my older sister, Ana, “we’re almost here.” I looked up just in time to see the soccer park that I’d much rather be at, opposed to the high school across the street. Cars were already filling up the school parking lot, I knew that we’d be walking a long way to the swimming pool. I displayed my disgust openly and audibly as my family and I unpack everything we would need from the car. Sidetracked, I became stuck with the E-Z UP canopy to pull since I didn’t jump to grab anything else when I had the chance. This E-Z UP was brand new, probably due to my carelessness with the last one, so I made sure to be extra careful moving it. Occasionally looking to my dad, I hope he will take notice. After a few quick stops, we made it to the rest of my team. We are the HDA Sand sharks and if that name didn’t convince you that we we’re the best in our San Gorgonio Swim League than you were out of luck because my

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