My Experience At Mcdonald's School

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Strive to excel When most people think of high school they think of the memorable football games that would embrace the zesty flavored hot dogs, and the beautiful cheerleaders. They also think of the tasty school lunches that would make your nostrils flare with desire, and possibly maybe the cute guy that you “accidently” sat by each math class. Though, this seems ideal, my high school experience wasn’t quite that pleasant. High school was very difficult for me. My complications began with my full time job at McDonald’s that took effect on my school work. Than, proceeded with my family thinking that I would follow my mother’s footsteps that supposdely led to failure on my end of the rope. Finally, ending with me being constantly harassed in school. Regardless of my many issues, I still managed to graduate on time. My very first job was probably like any other teenagers first job. You hated going! But, with friends being there it might have made it worth-while or at least easier to commit to. This was the complete opposite for me. The grease filled, and musky smell of the burger joint killed the insides of my stomach like drinking bleach would do. The laughter and the phony smiles of my coworkers hurt way worse. The biggest was having to work 30-40 hours a week. The dirt filthed attitudes of my coworkers, manaic McDonald’s Managers, and the soda pop stained counters was like a horrid Freddy Krueger nightmare. I

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