High School Memoir Assignment

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Ronya Berrian Professor Paul Jackson English 1101-RG October 4th, 2017 Memoir Assignment I’m sure many have shared stories of their high school experiences and can relate when I say those four years have taught me many lessons. During this time, I’d come face to face with the fraudulent friendships, temporary romances, and other high school dramas that my parents once warned me about—those of which I simply brushed off as myths. It wasn’t the 90’s anymore— times have changed and people are different—or at least, that’s what I thought. I think I speak for many people when I say high school is a critical point in one’s life. Coming into high school, things seemed to be tightly-knitted between my peers and I; those of us who had just …show more content…

Her behavior had become odd and her attitude was unusual. The once timid, soft-spoken girl was now, to be blunt—a b*tch. The start of this tumultuous path was a relationship she had ended a few months prior to date. The guy was a complete control freak. He was manipulative, conniving, and downright degrading. What I thought was a new beginning for her and another chance at happiness, had actually turned out to be a complete disaster. It turned out that she had been involved with him all along. Rather than being honest with us, she lied continuously. We expressed to her that if he brought her happiness then we had no say so. We had no other option but to be happy for her. However, she still insisted that she’d cut all ties with him. For my eighteenth birthday the three of us made a pact to get matching tattoos in honor of our friendship; it would’ve been the first for each of us. Needless to say, she ruined our plans entirely. One day she’d informed us that her older sister was going to get a tattoo and that she was going for “moral support”. What turned out to be a trip to the tattoo parlor with her sister was actually a cover up for her to go and get matching tattoos with her ex. Till this day, I believe I never would’ve known that if I hadn’t seen the text messages of her conversation with someone else. It baffled me that she could be completely open and honest with a stranger as opposed to the people she called

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