My Experience At Middle School

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I was in middle school which was 5th to 8th grade, I had multiple adjective to describe my experience in middle school. While in Middle School, it was a struggle which has stayed as an adult. For I am always looking at myself seeing all the flaws in my features, in addition when family members and/or friends state my beauty features, I will brushed them off by stating the negative. Until recently, I was able to overcome my inability of reading in public and/or to my peers. As my cousin passed away tragically, his mother (my Aunt) asked me to read his poem to her and a group of about 50 strangers. She knew my fear of public speaking, but she also know my dream of becoming a teacher and me starting to be a substitute teacher. Therefore, she knew I had to overcome the fear of speaking. I was extremely happy with myself to speak clearly and to have the strength and encouragement of my family to overcome my greatest fear with a poem in dedication to my beloved cousin. In 5th grade, I was insecure with my image as I was bully by others for my appearance which I expressed still affects me as an adult. I was nervous to do presentations as I was unconfident with my appearances, therefore in English, I failed behind. I would hid in a corner and when I had to read in a small group, I would stutter and/or make an excuse for the reason of me not being able to read. In 6th grade, I was shy, not wanting to talk to others as I was afraid of what they would think and say to about me which

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