My Experience At My Family

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Ah Shit! 5:30!
I’m not ready to get out of bed… It’s too early to get up, and my race doesn’t start till 11:30. I should get on the shower so I can wake up, but I’m not ready to have my last race of my high school career. In the shower, I began to panic about how life was moving too fast, and I told myself to calm down. I got out of the shower ran to my room and began gathering my clothes that I needed. I out my clothes on and my mom yells out “Marcus!! What do you want for breakfast!?” she said. I yell out “Oatmeal” and I go outside and I began to pray to all my ancestors that they can give them strengthen so I can bring honor to my family and village. I pray to my family members that passed away and ask them for them strengthen, plus, …show more content…

I get out of the bus nervous as fuck because it was my last time waking up this early for something that was important to me. I get the equipment out of the bus and my teammates were still crashed out in the bus. I look to the east and began to see the sun rise and I get out my cornmeal and pray to sun to watch me during my race and give me all its strengthen it can give me. It was 8 am. Camp was set up and I put down my bag and fell asleep again. It was a short 10 min nap. Then I was a woken by my coach and in my mind, I was what the fuck man I’m trying to rest up so I can make you look good, you fucker. But I got up and walked around then say the stand where they were selling clothing. I need one of those so I can look fresh as hell. I take my time I walk to my family see them with a bunch of gear that has my name on there. Just seeing people looking at me and in their minds, I think they were talking shit because I was the enemy of their son’s cross country team. It’s 9:00 am! Shit the first race started! I was nervous. I see my cousin racing and he’s from Zuni pueblo. Me and my family started yelling at him during his race because he was the favorite to win his division. The course had every element of a cross country like hills, grass, sand, flats, and a crowd that were super excited as I was. I look and I see my cousin coming through the straight away and they had a lead pack 6 people, the schools in the pack were Santa Fe Indian, Taos, Zuni,

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