My Experience At School And Outside Of School

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To you, I, Dora Su, may not seem like a very special person just because I am not perfect, but I am definitely limited edition. For sure, I am not your typical teenager; in fact, I am the person to learn high level mathematics and science in my free time rather than the person who would play video games such as League of Legends or text and socialize in their free time. Time to me is very valuable and I enjoy spending this time learning and spending it wisely while having bits of fun. As myself, I am an immensely ambitious in learning and trying new activities, I am a risk-taker for challenges, and I am highly active as well as self-responsible and creative person. My distinct personality makes me different from everyone else and explains my hobbies and interests. Throughout the day, I participate in many different activities in all aspects at school and outside of school. By reading this super long text, I sincerely wish that you can learn much more about me and what type of person I am. Typically, I am extremely into the topic of food and cooking, thus I eat delicious foods that may not be healthy sometimes. Baking is one of my favourite pastimes and though I have failed before, this has developed my mindset to stop overreacting to failures in all subjects. Since I enjoy doing research, I have learned all about the risks of obesity and things of that sort but I am not even close to being at that stage as I participate in physical activity daily. I believe that exercising…

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