My Experience At The Automotive Industry

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In the last ten years I have spent my time working in the automotive industry while attending school mostly part time. When time came to a close and the internship loomed, I was certain that I would do something where I was already working. A typical work week is between 50-60 hours then I add school and kids into the mix. I knew that my boss would be open to the idea of an internship on the job. My extra hours were not paid as I am salary and sometimes I would even work weekends, if something was pressing. For my internship specifically I knew there was a project that needed to be done and I took ownership of it. During the next semester I would create and manage a Lesson’s Learned PFMEA, which would help carry over any previous corrective action items for past problems in order to avoid reoccurring costs and issues in the company. Since I was already familiar with the Benteler policies my focus to begin was completely on my project. Over the course of many weeks I would develop a Lesson’s learned PFMEA in which I would need multiple disciplines involved in order to make a functional document. In the beginning I focused most of my time in understanding each OEM’s standards on PFMEA (Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis) and although it did meet many of the OEM’s standards I would learn that some OEM’s did not like the formatting. Another thing that was learned through this experience is that it was hard to get help in the beginning when people do not understand what
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