My Experience At The Hotel Room

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Blake Barkdull Rachel Lott September 30, 2015 ATTENTION! where is ours going? Leaving the hotel room knowing that your running low on time, you leave your bathing suit on and throw on a comfy casual light weight button down. Contemplating if the elevator will take too long you make a sharp right and run down the stairs like an athlete ferociously training on bleachers. Looking out at the horizon you realize you have more time than you thought, so you slow the pace down as you reach the immaculate lobby. The once clamorous and insistent sound of your flip flops smacking the waxed marble floor is now a subtle rhythmic beat. As you make your way across you pick up on the faint but now familiar soothing stream of water graciously flowing from the massive gold Hawaiian gods mouth. Surrounded by a pond of water, smooth as glass in the middle of the lobby the gold statue shined its brightest as the sun descended lower and lower. You walk to edge of the open hotel lobby where you know you can get a perfect view from the balcony. Looking out you see the white supple sand meeting the light blue expansive ocean. Creating waves so small there cant be any other reason for them but to listen to their tranquil motions. Off in the distance is that beaming ball of warmth slowly making its way down. You take a breath and smell all the crisp freshness the tropics has to offer. Ka-Chick! the familiar digital sound of a camera taking a picture goes off. You look to your right and

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