My Experience At The Memorial Day Incident

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Throughout life, there are many uncertainties: What holds constant, though, is family. When I was younger, I did not understand the power of family nor the influence it would have on my life. However, this would all change around a Memorial Day weekend when I was in middle school.
Before the Memorial Day weekend incident occurred, the relationship I had with my family was shamefully weak. I tried my best to avoid family. My sister wanted to spend time with me, but I just pushed her away. I am ashamed of who I was before.
In order to understand how family took over such a large role in my life you need to know some of the backstory. Growing up, my impression was that my family was the same as every other family. I never paid attention to the families of my friends nor compared them to my own in the detail that I do today. The issue that would transform me into who I am today involved my grandparents.
To this day I still do not fully understand why; my best guess is that my grandparents are aberrant than most. This became apparent when I was in middle school. My grandparents (on my dad’s side) own a second home on a lake in Union, Michigan. It is tradition to go up on Memorial Day and Labor Day. At this point, I knew that my parents and my grandparents were not getting along and had not been speaking with one another. A Memorial Day weekend introduced me into the chaotic mess that is my family.
My parents were not going that year, but asked if my sister and I

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