Friedman's Core Values

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The Friedman reading provides a list of core values. Identify three to five values that are most important to you and explain how these values have influenced key decisions you have made in your life. At a young age of 13, my parents decided it was time to move to United States so that they could provide me with better facilities as well as education. My parents always hoped and dreamed that their son would go into the field of science and eventually healthcare. After a few years, when I was applying for college I had a huge decision to make, follow the dreams and wishes of my parents or stand up for my interests. The core values that influenced the decisions I made were: Family, Achievement, Courage, and Inner harmony. Family holds a high value in my life. My parents wishes means a lot to me. My dad had always dreamed of their sons to go in the field of science. Unfortunately, my brother did not follow his wish and decided to go for graphic designing. I felt obligated to fulfill my father’s wish. When I was applying for college I decided I was going to start off as biology major. Therefore, one of the biggest decisions of my life was based on the core value of family. Enrolling in a college as Biology major was just the beginning. I never even thought of how difficult it would be to study for something I was not interested in. There came a point in my life where I was so frustrated with my life, and was not happy with what I was doing. I had a major debate in my head

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