My Experience At Wenatchee Valley College

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Bridgeport, Washington the exact place I like to call home, remains the basis of reasoning for my goals and aspirations that I envision myself having a bright future for the years to come. This specific town holds the roots of my commencement to my academic history and achievement which has also allowed me to develop specific interests for a career path of choice. Most of all, this town has been the reason for a better understanding of not only a certain culture, but particularly my own, and showed how the empowerment of a culture in a small town can be so successful.

After a very short four years of high school where my college studies had also began, I find myself today attending Wenatchee Valley College. Here in Wenatchee I 'm continuing my college career to obtain my associates in arts and science degree in which will receive in the spring of 2016. Prior to choosing courses at WVC, I kept in mind the pre-med major I have planned to take up, and in result I have taken up a biology sequence; major cells, major plants, and the final series, which I plan to take in the spring, major animals. The remainder of my classes consisted course within the humanities, social sciences and the math departments. Between all the late hours I found myself staying up to study and managing a full time job, I would consider my performance a well-rounded decent one. As expectations for prominent academic achievement were imbedded in me from my family and school faculty in high school,

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