My Experience In Drama Club

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While I was chowing down on my scrumptious breakfast like I hadn’t eaten in months the leaders of the camp explained to us with big grins on their faces that could not be trusted what was going to happen today “Alright everyone today we will have a relax day so we will walk to the market have some free time there, come back and play some fun mini games and…” I swore their grins got even bigger like the joker had just killed batman “We will be doing a theatre night!” “Uuggghhhhh,” chorused every single poor unfortunate soul in the room. I was alright with a theatre night since I had some experience in drama club but there was no way in hell I was going to perform in front of everyone. The day went along very quickly and smoothly without any incidents which was an achievement when it came to us. The markets were pretty cool with all the shops, I got a slushy and some subway with my money and I hung out with new friends. When we all got back from the markets we separated into our own groups and started a day of fun! We played 5 games in total which included the shaving the shaving cream off the ballon trying not to pop it, building a shelter out newspaper and testing it out with water, playing tag but with water balloons, blindfolding a partner and taking them on a obstacle course and trying to untangle a long piece of rope. After all the games we decided to have a lunch break and then we were off as a team to plan and practice for our performance of a life time. I sat
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