My Experience In English Writing

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English is a core concept in the Untied States and other countries that has allowed inviduals to advance their knowledge. Not only does English provide an advancement in knowlege, but has created a way for individuals to share their thoughts and feelings through writing. Which is why English is one of the four subjects that is required to be taught in almost every school district in America including mine. I began taking English from a young age which allowed me to take advanced placement English IV my senior year at Tupelo High School. Advanced Placement English IV allowed me to further my education in writing, which in return allowed me to overcome obstacles, low points and discover strengths I never knew I had. Like any other thing in life there are always obstacles individuals face everyday, for me in my English IV class writing was something that was very challenging. The first challenge writing presented to me was trying to organize all of my thoughts, so that it made sense. The first essay I ever wrote in my English class was a journal entry about a memorable experience, so with that being said I decided I would write about the experience I had while hunting with my Dad. The hunting experience with my dad had many different parts, and one of my biggest challenges I had was organizing my thoughts, so that it flowed correctly. Since I was telling a story within my journal I realized that I was jumping around more then I should have and this became a problem. I learned
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