My Experience In High School

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High School was difficult for me I will admit. I went through a lot of change in my life and I had a hard time adjusting to new environments. I tried hard though and I realized my own strengths and shortcomings. One Of the hardest things to adjust to was the acceptance of choosing whether I wanted a social life or a school life. I couldn’t correctly balance work between friends. My struggle occurred throughout my entire high school career. Even to this day I have a hard time. I wanted to feel apart and be considered the nice and fun one of the group. I wanted to be invited places even though I knew the truth was I wouldn’t be allowed to go. My social life in eleventh grade was hard. I didn’t hang out very often and I secluded myself. I look back on that year and regret nothing though. It made my 12th grade year so much easier. I don’t remember the class I took or the name of one eleventh grade teacher; Although, they were a huge inspiration to me. They told me that I wouldn’t regret my effort in twenty years, I would regret not trying hard enough. That was scary for me. Everybody says “You only live once” and they’re right. I won’t judge others people's decisions but I only have one time to make it big. The only way I will make it to where I want to be is if I do it myself. As much as I hated that year, I loved the results. I aced my PSATs and made it as one of the finalists. I remember that moment when I found out. I was so excited. I didn’t make first or even top ten but I

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