My Experience In High School

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It was the beginning of a new cycle. Every year was similar to the last. I would wake up Monday through Friday at 7:30am despising my past self for staying up so late playing video games or watching videos. Then I would take a shower, eat breakfast, and be driven to school. Once summer break would begin and I would stay up all night and sleep during the day. Then near the beginning of the school year my anxiety would strike, from me thinking of meeting new teachers and knowing if I would have any friends in my classes. This day changed all of that in the blink of an eye. It was May 14th, 2017, the day of graduation.
Let me take it back a day. We were running more than a couple minutes late to our graduation rehearsal, Oscar, my brother Luis, and I. We arrived at the high school with our dress clothes on. We exited Oscar’s Acura and commenced to put our cap and gowns on. Then we entered the building and were greeted by our principle, Mr. Maynard, who was as red as a tomato. Not only were we hazed by our classmates for our late arrival, but to put the cherry on top, my brother and I forgot our tassels.
The rehearsal started and the whole class of 2017 was bombarded with a rundown of how each student would perform throughout the graduation. Then came the action part, which I do not know about you but when it comes to me, I am more of a doing learner rather than a listening learner.
After the rehearsal, every student was escorted to one of two school buses. The buses were jam

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