My Experience In High School

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Some summers pass by and you barely notice, while others make an impact you may never forget. It happened to me this past summer while I was away at Louisiana Technical College before my senior year of high school. I opened my apartment door on that first day and I knew this was perfect for me. The apartment, the gym across the street, the classes and the independence were all so perfect for me! Those 36 days I spent in what felt like a different world taught me priceless lessons I'll never forget. My first few days were tough as my family drove the five hours back home, and I was left to handle things on my own. I quickly learned that with a busy roommate and no friends in the area, it gets lonely. Since I am a rather reserved person, the first day or two of sitting on the couch, watching too many episodes of “The Office” and eating a ton of mac and cheese were a blast! It was after the credits rolled on one of the many episodes that I realized this was not the experience I wanted to have in my time at college. I rolled off the couch and took my first of many more strolls to the BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministry) where I would later realize was the atmosphere I fit in most. I had this idea in my mind that when I got to college it would almost be impossible to not make friends, considering I was going to class every morning and lived on campus. Oh was I wrong about that! It’s very easy to fade in the background as you saw in my first few days, and I noticed you have to

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