My Experience In My Life

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During my childhood I was mainly raised by my mom, dad, and my two half brothers ,Matt and Taylor Lambert, who I basically just considered my brothers. I always thought of it this way, because they never really went to there dads house. So us three kids were mainly raised our whole life by the same parents, but somehow we all ended up with completely different personalities. Taylor has always been really book smart and a social butterfly, Matt has always been the jokester and the one who gets in trouble the most, and I’ve been the more quiet one who observers what’s going on. How we all ended up so different is question I wonder about all the time. My mom was never really into to punishments, and neither was my dad. My dad was more into life lessons talks that would go on for hours. If one of us ever got into trouble,which was mainly Matt, my dad would sit all of us down for a life lesson talk. My mom would usually have to intervene and tell my dad that the kids get the point. Otherwise my dad would talk the whole entire day. I believe the reason why Matt was the one who got in trouble the most was because everything he did was loud, and he wasn’t very sneaky. One time he got some fire crackers from a friend and left them in his pocket. So when his pants went through the wash my mom was not to happy. Also, Matt would always make fun of Taylor in the most obnoxious way just so Taylor would fight him. Why he did that I don’t know, because Taylor has always been the stronger

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