How The Musical That Changed Me

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The Musical That Changed Me Standing on a dark and creepy stage. Hearing nothing but the voices of people talking back and forth like a talk show. Suddenly, the music played out loud and the never-ending voices quickly stopped. Little did they know I was scared to death. As the curtains began to fall back and the stage lights flashed onto me, I found myself drowning in the possibilities of mistakes. This became the moment of realization, that being in a musical would drastically change my life forever, because stage fright has always been one of my biggest flaw. Days before the auditions started, I had already become quite nervous and scared. I didn’t know if I would qualify or if I could even impress the judges. Not knowing what song, I should sing or what tune would match my voice the best, my nerves …show more content…

This type of commitment is something that anyone could learn about and it certainly left a mark that I would never forget or regret. I believe that by making myself open to a new opportunity I would be able to live life more. By joining a musical and its three-month journey, I began to contemplate about how it helped more than myself. It helped raise money for my school account, by raising more than five thousand dollars within the three-day show. Being in a musical became a hard task to complete, but, in the end it was a successful and wonderful journey to have been able to completed. This was because of the nerves I had throughout the three months. Making it past the auditions became a relief and the practices became some learning points for myself. It taught me that I could endure just about anything and how to become a risk taker. The absolute best was performing and having the crowd cheer me on. It actually surprised myself on how great people thought I was. The most important part about this change was that I finally completed something I thought was a challenge and could never

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