My Experience In My Life

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One hour later and my life became changed forever. My loving and caring family I bonded with, would no longer be the same. The long walks with my mom in the evening would soon become a distant memory. Decorating for the holidays was just around the corner and I would have to hang up the stocking on the chimney without her. The sweet, rich, chocolate brownies she made every Friday night would leave my taste buds empty. Her hugs that made me feel loved when I was sad would now be a thought in my head, and our long talks about growing up and finding my way would be cut short. It all started when I was sitting in class on a hot September day. Sixth period just started, and my class had about thirty kids in it. I was staring at a tiny and energetic bee flying around the room while my teacher talked about the Pythagorean theory and the simple equation that followed. Ashley, my closest friend was sitting next to me and we began hysterically laughing about what happened to me at lunch the period before. Long story short, I spilled an entire container of chocolate milk all over my new, white, ripped jeans. My pants were no longer white, and I was the talk of the lunch room. I was never the popular kid in school, so this event only made matters worse for me. Fifteen minutes before sixth period was over and my classroom got a telephone call for me to come down to the main office. I was ecstatic that I could leave the room early. The sweat was dripping from my forehead because of the

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