A Limiting Factor In My Life Essay

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For the majority of my life I have belonged in the little world, stretching from Chicago to Cleveland and South Bend to Nashville. The boundaries of my known world have always felt like a limiting factor in my life. While my friends ventured to far away lands every year, I would spend the night at my grandparents house or we would make a day-trip to a city. With spring break approaching my family and I were going to change that, we were going to South Carolina. One dreary cold Indiana morning my family and I packed our little Honda CR-V full of suitcases and duffle bags. My brother Seth behind the wheel, my dad in the front seat, and my mom and I in the back, we were ready to go. I rested my head on the window as the corn and countryside …show more content…

My dad quickly pulled the car around to the other side of the building, which was closer to our room, and we unpacked our things. That night I sat searching the internet on my mom’s laptop looking for interesting activities we could do, worrying every time I heard a siren or a motorcycle go by. In my browsing I came upon “Flipper Finders” kayaking tours on Folley Beach. I consulted with my parents and in a click I had made reservations for noon.
We got to sleep in a bit, but woke up in time for the continental breakfast and I was already excited. On the way to Folley Beach I watched, my eyes glued to the window, as palm trees and little beach houses flew by. Until finally arriving to a little building with a gravel parking lot. We walked in and met our tour guide, a stereotypical surfer dude with long blond hair. He exclaimed to us that noon was not the best time for kayaking, but If we came back in a half an hour, we could “Ride the tides.”
I followed my family down the street to the strip of stores and restaurants lining the beachfront where we wasted time looking at souvenirs and other miscellaneous items. Our 30 miuntes had passed and we made our way back to the rental place, and our tour guide was standing outside preparing our kayaks. We put on life jackets and drug our plastic boats down to the water.
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