My Experience In My Summer

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I can not wait to learn new things in your class this year. I am ready to read lots of new books and some Shakespeare because I have not read a lot of his work before. I had a great summer full of family, fun, and travel. My summer was not as interesting as your summer Mrs. Cole, but I sure did have fun. The first trip I went on this summer was to New Orleans, which was pretty Amazing because I got to walk down the historic streets of the world famous French Quarter. I have not been to New Orleans since I was 4 years old with my whole family, but this time my parents and I were the only ones who went. On the first day we went to Café Du Monde, which is an original French market stand that has been around since 1862. The best part of the …show more content…

Overall Las Vegas was probably the best part of my summer and I am lucky to have an amazing family to enjoy it with. Other than the two trips I went on this summer, I did not do a lot because my parents were busy with work and my sister was busy with summer classes. I was busy every morning for football though because we had to be at Braden River every morning at 7:30. The only good part about waking up early was that when I was done I still had most of the day to go fishing or do anything. Workouts really help out at the beginning of the season though because it makes us ready and strong for the whole season. Besides having football every morning, I went fishing a lot over the summer in lakes around my neighborhood. I at least caught around 30 bass this summer because I was mostly fishing this summer when I had nothing else to do. The only boring thing I had to do this summer was taking drivers ed online, so I am prepared to take my permit test when I turn 15. The whole summer was filled with fun, but it seemed like it went by very fast. The only reason it probably went by fast was because time flys when your having fun. With all the fun happening this year my dog probably had the least amount of fun because while we were on vacation he was at the vet. I have a miniature Dachshund and he is my sisters little angel because he will follow her where ever she goes. The worst part about the end of summer is that my sister Kiana has to go back to

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