My Experience Of Music

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Music isn’t just what I do, it is who I am. I’ve been surrounded by music ever since I remember. One of my earliest memories is of my mom playing piano for my family, something she often did throughout my childhood. Time and time again, her simple melodies echoed through our cozy house and as I stood next to her, watching her hands, they also started to resonate in my heart. Even in those early years, I knew that I loved music. From then on, I took every opportunity I could to make music. I started taking piano lessons and joined church choir in third grade. However, that wasn’t enough for me, and I knew I would always want more music. I had this thirst for music that I couldn’t quench, and every opportunity I got just left me wanting more. This is why the day I got to pick out my band instrument was such a big day for me.
It was May 15th and I woke up ready to have a good day. After so many years of waiting and watching concerts from the audience, it was finally my turn to pick out an instrument and start band or orchestra- something I had been dreaming of for what seemed like an eternity.
As I got to school that day, I could see the excitement and anticipation on my friend’s faces, as I learned that they too were excited for band the next year. Perfect! Today’s the day that I can talk on and on about music without people thinking I’m weird! Chatter about the day we got to “try out” the instruments filled the fourth grade classrooms as everyone finalized their crucial

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