My Experience Of Music

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There’s never been a time where I’d wish music wasn’t in my life or that I’d wish I never learned how to play anything. I remember when I was young and I had finally gotten into school I learned about the stringed instruments in class. I was really intrigued and wanted to play one instantly so, when I came home I talked about it non stop all the time. Normally when a kid wants something or thinks something is cool they lose interest after a while but this was different because I was passionate about it before I even got the chance to play anything. I talked about it so much my parents eventually got me and violin for my 4th of 5th birthday and take private lessons. I was excited to start but when I finally started I wasn’t as eager to go back after a full month of going. I liked playing my instrument at school and other places but when it came to my private lessons I just didn’t want to go. I had a strict teacher and he was excellent at what he did and expected nothing less from his students because he had high expectations. Since I had private lessons I was more advanced than the kids that played at school which made it fun because I sometimes got to help the other students. After taking private lessons for years I wanted to quit playing because my practices became more intense and advanced. I was still young but I was older and still thought my teacher was mean. By 5th grade I was starting to get use to things, I knew my parents weren’t going to let me quit or get out
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